Imagine how it would feel to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Hi, I’m Angela Muñoz and I’m here to offer support, guidance, and professional help in a safe, effective, and heart centred space, either in-person or online.

As we walk through life, the challenges of our painful experiences, stress and adverse events, can make us feel stuck.   Stuck to move forward.  Stuck to make positive changes.  Affecting our lifestyle, relationships and work. Instead of thriving, we find ourselves suffering.

Life needn’t stay that way. Through my holistic approach to counselling and the tailored self-help techniques it offers, I can help you heal and grow, to begin to feel whole and healthy again and have the freedom to live your most fulfilling life.

I believe true healing can only come when we see ourselves as a whole being. To me, the mind, body and soul are intrinsically intertwined, which is why I approach my style of therapy and teaching with this interconnected philosophy.

Holistic Counselling

My holistic approach to counselling, supported by EFT Tapping, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, is designed to empower you through your transformation into wellness. So you can thrive and live your most fulfilling life. Sessions are available in-person or online.
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Complementary services


Classes to nourish your soul, soothe your nervous system and let you reach deep levels of relaxation, strength and resilience.
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Meditation Circle

Create some respite from a ceaselessly busy mind to restore and revitalise your body, mind and soul.
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Begin Your Journey Into The Freedom Of Thriving In Wellness

Every individual is unique. And so, the transformational journey towards healing will differ from person by person. This is why I spend some time getting to know you before taking you on the tailored journey of transformational healing and self-empowerment.

Book your free 15-minute discovery call so that you can determine if I’ll be the right counsellor for you.